2009 Committee









(NOTE – All highlighted text in blue within this document relates to new and amended Bylaws).




The name of the Society shall be JP Clarkes Golf Society NY.




The Society shall organize golf outings and social activities for members.




·                      Membership dues shall be $150 annually

·                      New members are to be approved by committee.

·                      All members must play 3 outings to renew annual membership.

·                      Any member who does not play 3 outings will be classed as an inactive member; inactive members may be declined membership the following year so that positions in the club can be made for prospective members who have played 3 outings the previous year as guests.

·                      All members must have valid USGA handicap.

·                     All new members without an official handicap must post at least 10 scores and play 3 GOY outings before they will be eligible to play off their full handicap

·                      All prospective members from the 2011 season forward must attend the AGM and be recommended by 2 members of the society with a minimum of 2 years tenure.

            In order to win a major Trophy members must have played in at least 3 monthly outings




The officers and committee of the society shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).




A general meeting of the society shall be organized once annually.

Each member is to be given two weeks notice of annually general meeting.

At the AGM of society, the Chairman shall present a report on the year’s activities.

At the AGM of society, the Treasurer shall account for the financial

position of club.

In absence of the Chairman, Secretary or the Treasurer the Captain shall report on behalf of the respective officers.




The committee of the society shall be made up as follows – Captain, Vice Captain, Chairman, Secretary,

Treasurer and Handicap Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Vice-Chairman.

The members of the committee shall be elected at the AGM of the society.

The quorum for a meeting shall be ten.

The committee shall meet regularly for the transactions of the business of the society.

All issues before the committee shall be decided by majority vote but the Chairman shall have a casting vote in the case of a tied vote.

When a vacancy occurs in the committee a successor shall be elected by members at the meeting following the confirmation of vacancy.

Nominations for a vacancy shall be called by the members.  The nominations will be proposed and seconded in writing.




The Vice-Captain shall automatically become the Captain of the society in the following year.

The Captain will choose his/her Vice-Captain from any member in good standing.

The Secretary shall fulfill the following responsibilities:

Preparing and distributing notice of all meetings, functions, events, golf outings and all other events as instructed by the committee;

Answer all enquires relating to the society;

Execute orders or resolutions of committee, the AGM or a special general meeting; and

Maintain a register of names.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the society and deposit the funds as soon as reasonable to the credit of the society’s bank account.




A bank account shall be opened in the name of the society.

The account of the society shall be made available for the membership.




Elections shall be conducted in order with the following procedure.

Elections for the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Handicap Secretary positions shall take place at the AGM of the society.

Nominations for the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Handicap Secretary positions shall be submitted four weeks prior to the AGM.

Nominations shall be sent to all members two weeks prior to the AGM.

Voting shall be by secret ballot only.

Each member has to take captaincies for a period of one year when requested.


Articles of the constitution shall not be altered, amended or added to, except at an AGM or special meeting general of the society.

Any motion proposing a constitution amendment shall require two thirds majority of those present and voting to be carried.











A handicap committee will be established to manage all handicap matters

The handicap committee will consist of a Handicap Secretary and 2 active     members

All members are requested to have USGA handicap.

All players are requested to register all score cards into GHIN system to keep handicap current.

Players who fail to keep handicap current are not eligible for any prizes.  This includes Golfer of the Year.

Max handicap for men is 28.

Max handicap for women is 36.



All grievances shall be reported to committee before score card is signed.

All score cards are to be signed by four ball before turned in to committee.





All matches are to be scored using stableford scoring system.

Tee box to be played will always be 2nd from the tips.

Players are asked to mark stroke play score on card.

Pick up ball after double par.

Provisional ball is to be used in case of lost ball.

Players who fail to hit provisional ball can’t score on hole.

Five minute search rule for lost ball.

In interest of speed of play keep up with four ball in front.

Players are requested to be at course half hour before their tee time.

Ten days cancellation notice is required before outing.

Player will be charged green fees if they fail to notify committee of cancellation within set period of time.

Visitors may accompany member at outing as long as no member is denied a place.

In the event of “Rain-Out” the Monthly Outing shall be cancelled unless each group has played at least 9 holes and outing shall be scored on 9 holes

In the event of a tie for 1st place, each tying player shall be rewarded a 1st place trophy.





     Golfer of the year will be decided by the best 7 accumulated scores over the 9 outings using Stableford scoring system

     A senior stableford completion has been introduced for over 50s – It will run in conjunction with regular GOY outings. This will also be best 7 of 9





All matches are determined by open draw.

  • Will be re-drawn by open draw for both each round singles and doubles.
  • The first player (Player A) drawn in each match shall have choice of any course. If their opponent (Player B) declines to accept the choice of course, player A shall choose 1 of the 8 selected outing courses to play the match. Player B must accept this course as the match venue.
  • It is up to both players to contact each other to arrange the match.
  • If either player has an issue or problem in contacting their opponent or arranging their match they must contact the committee at least 1 week prior to cut off date. At this stage the committee shall decide how the match is to proceed.
  • All cut of dates for each round of the match play shall coincide with outing dates.
  • In the case of a match not being played prior to this date, if player A plays the outing without their opponent (player B) in attendance at the outing then player A will be awarded the match. (This rule may be overturned by the committee if player B contacts the committee 1 week prior to the cut of date to plead their reason for absence of the outing).
  • Tee box to be played are 2nd from the tips (Blue Tees)
  • Match play strokes are based on 100% of Course Handicap.
  • Low handicap play off scratch.
  • Both players may agree before the start of the match whether to replay the match or back nine rule in event of a tie, Re Match must be played before the deadline;
  • If Match cannot be finished because of daylight or weather, match will be replayed.
  • The Final shall be played over 36 Holes.
  • In the event there is a Tie in the Final it will go to another 18 holes until there is a winner



  • Pick your own partner.
  • Low handicap to play off scratch and everyone else will play off 75% of the course handicap difference.
  • Final shall be played over 36 holes



  • Each member is requested to take captaincies for a year.  
  • Each captain shall nominate a Vice-Captain within one month after been appointed.
  • The Vice Captain shall be Captain the following year.
  • The Captain shall not be liable for any monthly outing fees


Captain, Vice Captain and the Chairman will be responsible for picking the team for the Inter Club.



This will be a scratch competition.

All members who wish to play in this competition must contact the committee.  All members will be notified by the committee regarding the entry date.

The competition will consist of 3 different categories.  There will be an A-Flight, B-Flight and a C-Flight.  The number of golfers in each category will be determined by the number of entrants.  Each Category will have a handicap limit decided by the committee 

In the event of an uneven number of players, the player in the middle on the group (e.g. player 19 of 37) will be given choice of which group they would like to enter.

In the case of more than 16 players in each flight a preliminary round will be play consisting of the necessary amount of higher seed players so that the next round shall consist of 16 players. (e.g.  20 players qualify for the championship flight; these players are seeded 1 through 20 in order of low to high handicaps. Players seeded 1 through 12 shall be given a bye into the next round and players 13 through 20 shall play the preliminary round for the remaining 4 places in group. These matches will be seeded the same way as all club championship matches. Seed 13 plays 20, 14 plays 19, 15 plays 18 and finally 16 plays 17.)

Please state you preferred course for club championship to be play on.

If tee times cannot be arranged on the most voted course, the 2nd most preferred course will be the venue.

A flight shall be played from the back tees.

B and C flight shall be played from the second from back.

The Final will be played over 18 Holes




















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